A beter life for yourself – there is no shame in wanting it

Every woman desires a beatifull life for herself.
She wants to love and to be loved. She wants to be unconstrained and secured.

For someone all this can come easy by luck alone
A mere chance can bring a caring man in her life who will well take care of her and make her dreams come true.

She would do as she pleased leaving free and being surrounded by interesting people and nice things while having a choice of her own.

For someone else this kind of luck can be a distant thing
Instead the life's obstacles become unbearable, surrounding turns boring and the people around are just dull.

Simple things like going out, shopping and traveling are unaffordable. Life itself turns into a
train of grey days just passing by one after another. And then comes a morning when you just don't want to get out of bed only to see that nothing has changed from yesterday.

If you wish to splash some color onto your life

Escort-tour to a new country – this is probably the best of ways to make it happen.

Money, love, feedome and security - you get all of this on a tour.

Just imagine having as much money so not to worry what shop to buy a dress at or which restaurant to go to for a dinner.
You will be well dressed, wined and dined, met by successful men and will definitely be turning heads while out on a town. Especially envious of you would be those of girls who didn't dare to make a call and to turn their lives into a dream you are living.

Every month some 40 girls make that call and make it happen for them while touring with our agency.

Even right now, as you are reading this letter, tens of girls commissioned by our agency are enjoying their living in foreign countries. And as they all say upon returning home, life could never had been better.

New destinations, new relationships.
Australia, America, Qatar – every of these countries is poised to give you unforgettable experiences.

Impeccable level of comfort.
The five-star hotels will open their doors before you. Well-mannered gentlemen will be courting you at the elite restaurants.

Amazingly high income.
In a matter of only one week on a tour you will be making a few thousand Euro while enjoying yourself in a new interesting environment of the country of your choice.

Minimum requirements to participate.
In order to be signed up on a tour all you will need is a good quality photo portfolio, basic knowledge of English and 200 US Dollars for your own immediate expenses.

Total support and security.
In a whole duration of the tour your personal manager – the agency operator – will be in touch with you, guiding you through and helping out in case you need to consult with someone on whatever matter.

We’ve been managing escort-tours to many different countries for more than 5 years to date. Every year more than a 1000 girls treat themselves to an easy way of making good money and getting new interesting experiences.

Make a step toward new life today

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